Natural Coconut Oil Shampoo for Hair Growth – Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men and Women -…




Our Pure Coconut Oil Shampoo is designed using natural fractionated Coconut Oil. It is developed to promote essential oils found in the scalp which naturally limit hair loss, this product is maximizes the scalp’s natural oils to promote a healthy scalp that feels good and looks good. It hydrates the hair from follicles to tips ensuring your hair is healthy starting from when it first grows.

While this coconut oil shampoo works to promote the health of the hair follicles, it also stops the shedding of hair and maximizes the thickness and appearance of the hair. It is developed to target the reason for the loss of hair and to promote the regrowth of luscious long healthy locks. Not only making your hair look better by dealing with the symptoms, but stopping the problem from ever starting. It nourishes and protects the hair from breakage and splitting while leaving you with a healthy, nourished scalp.

Our Coconut Oil Hair Treatment is designed to maximize the natural properties of Coconut Oil to enable faster hair growth. It hydrates the scalp, stopping hair loss and dandruff while promoting the quick regrowth of thick healthy hair. This means it minimizes dandruff while working as a hair treatment to restore the hair to its natural glossy voluminous state, leaving you looking great!

  • Accelerates healthy hair growth
  • Hair Loss Treatment for Hair Shedding
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the Scalp
  • Promotes thick, full hair
  • Safe for colour treated hair
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